Weekly Rates 2018/2019

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Sunnybank House (Sleeps 22)

05-Jan to 20-Apr €4,500
20-Apr to 22-Jun €5,500
22-Jun to 31-Aug €7,500
31-Aug to 02-Nov €4,750
02-Nov to 22-Dec €4,750
21-Dec to 04-Jan €6,000

Townhouse (Sleeps 4)

25-Aug to 21-Dec €850
22-Dec to 29-Dec €1200
29-Dec to 05-Jan €1200
05-Jan to 13-Apr €850
13-Apr to 27-Apr €1200
27-Apr to 29-Jun €1000
29-Jun to 31-Aug €1300
31-Aug to 28-Sep €1000
28-Sep to 21-Dec €850

Up to a 4 night stay (at certain times of the year) €495.
Townhouse r
ates are inclusive of heating and electricity.

Sunnybank Lodge – No longer available to rent (Sleeps 8)

03-Jan to 25-Apr €1200
25-Apr to 27-Jun €1500
27-Jun to 29-Aug €2000
29-Aug to 07-Nov €1500
07-Nov to 19-Dec €1200
19-Dec to 09-Jan €1500


2-4 Night Breaks

(Not available during June, July & August.)

Sunnybank House (Sleeps 22)

Apr, May, Sep €3,500
October-March €3,500
Bank Holidays €3500

Sunnybank Lodge – No longer available to rent (Sleeps 8)

September-May €800
Bank Holidays €950

Rates for Sunnybank House and Sunnybank Lodge are exclusive of utilities i.e. oil & electricity, which are metered separately and charged at national domestic rates at the time.
Clifden Townhouse rates are inclusive of heating and electricity.
Please see our full terms of rental & cancellation policies.